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Retirement-Dr Ciaran Kilduff Posted on 21 Jul 2023

Dear friends,                                                       


Little did I think when I first joined the Abingdon Medical Practice in 1996 that I would still be here some 27 years later.     However after much reflection, I have now decided that while I am relatively young and in good health, that it is time for me to retire from the practice and to move on and do other things both in medicine and beyond.


It has been a great privilege to have had the opportunity to contribute to your health care over the past three decades.  Your trust and confidence in me and our team here has been professionally very rewarding.


Over this period there has been great changes in general practice  with the transfer of  most chronic disease management from hospitals into primary care.  Computerization of all medical records and changes in technology have made how we operate now almost unrecognizable from 1996.   The practice has grown in size from 5,000 to nearly 9,000 patients during this period.


I have been very fortunate over the years  to have worked with great GP partners (Dr Pawlikowska, Dr Corbett, Dr Chua, Dr Raby and Dr Sahib) as well as other doctors at the practice.  We have also had a stream of  great trainee GP's pass through,  some of whom have stayed on  working with us after their training has finished including Dr Sahib who is now a partner.   Over the years we have also  assembled and held onto a brilliant,  loyal and friendly team of nurses (including our brilliant nurse practitioner Amanda), health care assistants, receptionists and practice manager.   I would like to thank them all for making my time at the practice so rewarding.


They are all staying on and the practice has also been fortunate to recruit an excellent, experienced GP who has already been working in Kensington for a few years – Dr Jack Streeter.   I hope that you will give him the same support you have always given me and I expect that you will continue to  receive the same level of care that you expect and deserve. The team will help him to settle in so the transition should be more or less seamless.  I am confident that I am leaving you in good hands.


Lastly, allow me to convey a very big thank you for some really wonderful moments and many happy memories of working here.   You have all been brilliant and I will miss you.


 Dr Ciaran Kilduff  MRCGP, MRCP (U.K)

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